Left Handed Makers

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Left Grain started as a creative outlet from the regular 8-5 work/parenting grind. I started using the laser at the maker space in our local public library and fell in love with it. I purchased one in 2020 and the rest is history!

The name Left Grain™ comes from my love of hardwoods/wood grain, and my husband and I are both lefties. He's a maker too and occasionally adds things to the shop in his free time.

Leather has become my main focus after learning more about it over the last few years. Each piece is cut and engraved on the laser, hand dyed and sealed. I also love making items from wood and acrylic. If it's beautiful, quirky, and meaningful, it's my jam.

I like using natural materials, locally or small shop sourced when I can. I love working with others and creating memorable, meaningful gifts that help people laugh, cry, remember, and connect.

I design and make everything in our home. Professionally, I have a background in Computer Graphics with an emphasis in graphic design as well as experience in curriculum development. I have been a professional photographer for the last 15 years and I sell patterns on spoonflower - creating art in some capacity is essential for me.

Please reach out with any questions! I love connecting with people.

- Kim


Kim Davis with Leather Swatches