Left Handed Makers

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Left Grain started as a creative outlet from the regular 8-5 work/parenting grind. I started using the laser at the maker space in our local public library (yes, we know we are lucky to have such an amazing library!). Once the pandemic hit, I was unable to use that laser. After a few months, I decided to invest in my own machine, and it has taken off from there.

The name Left Grain™ comes from my love of hardwoods/wood grain, and my husband and I are both lefties. He's a maker too and occasionally adds things to the shop in his free time.

I like using natural materials, locally or small shop sourced when I can. I love working with others and creating memorable, meaningful gifts for yourself and others.

I design and make everything in our home. I have a background in Computer Graphics with an emphasis in graphic design.

Please reach out with any questions! I love connecting with people.

- Kim

Left Grain Founder

 Photo by: Holan Farm Photography